The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines mentor as a “trusted counselor or guide.”  Mentors can come from various backgrounds and ages, but all share a common goal of sharing their passion with others.  So as the nation celebrates National Mentoring Month, Harley-Davidson is encouraging riders to share their passion for the open road with others through a special mentoring program called Share Your Spark.   Share Your Spark: A Guide to Mentoring is a tool kit the Motor Company developed for current and aspiring riders featuring information on how to be a resource and support system to others during their motorcycling journey.  The mentoring kit includes information for both potential mentors and mentees, including a DVD showcasing tips on how to become or find a mentor, stories from successful mentoring experiences, a special Share Your Spark pin and a planning and reflection guide.  “The mentoring experiences is empowering for both parties involved,” said Leslie Prevish, market outreach manager, Harley-Davidson. “For the mentor, they get to share their passion with someone who aspires to live the same dream they do.  For the mentee, they learn through the collective experiences of their guide.  Of course, the mentoring relationship also leads to many life-lasting friendships.”   Prevish adds that Share Your Spark is not just for women, but the Motor Company’s research indicates many women have expressed their desire to be – and find – a good riding mentor. Over the past several years, women have increasingly embraced the sport of motorcycling – seeking the freedom and adventure associated with the open road, polished chrome and a sweet sounding engine.  In fact, the number of women who have purchased new Harley-Davidson motorcycles has tripled over the past 20 years, with women now accounting for nearly 12 percent of new Harley-Davidson motorcycle purchases.