Women on the Fast Track, a national networking organization for business and professional women, has launched a new tool to help today’s business women not only set new goals for themselves in 2009 – but achieve these goals with the help of other business women throughout the world. Beginning December 2008, Women on the Fast Track has set up an online program where women can work to create clear-set goals for the new year, and then share them with other business women on the site. This unique program demonstrates how women can truly help each other during challenging economic times.  The Women on the Fast Track“Goals Gone Wild” program is expected to attract hundreds of women worldwide and assist in making their business New Year’s Resolutions by setting new goals for 2009. This program will allow women to benefit from the insight, experience and contacts of other business women throughout a wide variety of industries. There is no charge for participation in the “Goals Gone Wild” program.  Every woman’s complete set of goals will be posted on the Women on the Fast Track website, where others can review them and see how they may be able to assist. As an additional resource and service for today’s business women, anyone who would like assistance in identifying and clarifying their 2009 business goals can call 516-222-0236 to speak with a Women on the Fast Track member who has experience in helping women develop and reach their goals.