b5media, one of the world’s leading blog networks, has launched a new online destination, Splendicity for as-it-happens coverage of the fashion and beauty world. Featuring tips and tricks, shopping advice and gossip, as well as exclusive photos and video content, Splendicity offers a user-friendly showcase of everything about beauty, fashion and accessories, all in one destination.  Splendicity is the third portal in a series designed for easy access to the specific themes that may capture a reader’s interest, as well as discovering unique content in other splendid topic areas. Splendicity covers everything from luxury fashion to bargain choices and cosmetics reviews to celebrity style. With Splendicity, visitors can enjoy all the latest and greatest information and advice about beauty, fashion and accessories.  “We’re thrilled to offer a destination where users can easily navigate a breadth of content that they love while still providing the intimacy and engagement of each individual blog,” said Jeremy Wright, president and chief executive officer of b5media. “Splendicity ties together the exceptional voices in b5media’s network of bloggers, creating a unique brand that beauty bloggers and blog readers can identify with.”  b5media offers a new way to explore high quality beauty and fashion content from one website — while still maintaining a connection with individual blogs for readers who want to learn more.