From teenage fashion model to pop culture icon, her famous face and signature style has made her the number one fashion doll in the world. On March 9, 2009, five decades after her debut at New York Toy Fair, Barbie proves that turning 50 is truly fabulous. Much more than a doll, Barbie continues to be a symbol of cultural relevance, continually evolving with women and girls of all ages.  The original billboard for “girl power”, Barbie has inspired several generations of girls to dream, discover and explore a world without limits and continues to find new ways to inspire and encourage the next generation. A snapshot of style and grace through the decades, in 2009, the original fashionista makes dreams a reality for women who played out their love of fashion and beauty through their favorite doll.  In celebration of her 50th anniversary, Mattel Canada has partnered with Canadian designer brands including fashion designer David Dixon, bath and body line Cake Beauty, jewellery house Foxy Originals, home and décor expert Glenn Dixon and retailer Town Shoes to create product lines inspired by Barbie.  Mattel Canada will also give Canadians the opportunity to share their favorite Barbie memories and learn more about the last 50 years on a new section of the web site, built specifically for her grown-up fans.  “Our program is about paying tribute to Barbie and celebrating her success with Canadian women who grew up loving her,” says Reidin Goode, senior marketing manager, Mattel Canada. “A fashion and beauty icon, we partnered with five key Canadian brands, who, like Barbie are leading the way in their industry and are known for their unapologetic glam.”  This is the first time Mattel Canada has endeavored to reach-out to women who love fashion, beauty and home décor through Canadian partnerships.  “Barbie’s 50th birthday is the perfect time to launch into this market,” said Carmen Martinez, Country Manager, Licensing, Mattel Canada. “We are thrilled to announce these collaborations and are excited to show Canadian women how Barbie has evolved into much more than a doll.”