Channel M, a producer of customized in-store TV networks, is now opening up its in-store TV networks in all Ashley Furniture HomeStores to advertisers. The retailer previously featured ad-free, custom programming created by Channel M in their stores. Ashley Furniture HomeStores has been inserting promotional spots and branded features for their own merchandise directly into their in-store TV networks and are now opening up these networks to advertising from external, complementary brands interested in targeting their specific customer base, family-oriented women age 25-49.  With Channel M’s digital content distribution capabilities, each in-store network offers a wide range of advertisement delivery options, including 30-second commercials, flash billboards, product integration and trailers, which can be adjusted to a particular marketer’s geography. Channel M can develop targeted advertisements in-house or work directly with brands and agencies to create ads that target each retailer’s consumer base in-store.  In addition, Channel M will be opening up its in-store TV networks in all ecko retail stores.  “Ashley Furniture HomeStores and ecko stores both attract a specific and highly sought-after customer base with unique demographic and psychographic attributes,” said Dennis Quinn, president of sales and marketing for Channel M. “By providing the ability for brands to connect with consumers who are actually out shopping and ready to make purchases, Channel M has created a more effective method for delivering branded messages that generate immediate sales results. We are pleased to support this evolution in advertising by opening up these retail networks to brands and advertisers.”