A new site for female auto buyers has hit the Internet.  CarZen is a simple and personalized car research website that promises to empower women to make better car-related decisions during all their life stages. CarZen has created several breakthrough tools to help consumers find their perfect vehicle match, while also offering invaluable tips, tricks and techniques to save money, time and countless hassles. The site also includes expert reviews, detailed pricing, specs and features, photos and multimedia. CarZen aims to empower women with trustworthy information, efficient tools, and concise advice in plain english — this combines to create “auto enlightenment.”  CarZen makes auto data usable. Instead of words like “horsepower”, “torque”, and “gear ratios”, CarZen translates automotive data into a usable form like “passing on the highway”, “vehicle agility” and “rear seat comfort.” Furthermore, CarZen divides high level concepts like ‘Safety’ into more usable ‘Traits’, such as Accident Avoidance and Protection, allowing individuals to prioritize their unique needs and find the ideal car to fit those needs.  “We developed the site with the help of a group of women with a similar story,” says Nick Gidwani, founder and CEO of CarZen. “These women spent many, many hours researching cars, ending up with a lot of ‘specs’ and data — a good size spreadsheet worth of semi-useful information — but no way to sort through it all. Too many made a somewhat arbitrary purchase based on availability or a special deal — or worse, they were ‘sold’ by a dealer. CarZen’s goal is for buyers to have that great feeling that comes from making a well-researched purchase that really fits what is wanted and needed, for a fair and reasonable price. That feeling makes us feel warm inside whenever we step into our car – yet too few individuals get to experience that feeling.”