JuicyCouture, recognized by Women’s Wear Daily as the fourth most searched-for fashion brand online, (properly sandwiched between Louis Vuitton and Chanel), has re-launched their website, JuicyCouture.com.   The new and improved JuicyCouture.com was re-launched last week tumps the original by not only including traditional e-commerce features, but by additionally including exciting elements such as “Club Couture,” Juicy’s new online community where members can interact with the site and with each other; and “Love G&P,” Pam & Gela’s personal blog where they offer their latest product finds, favorite new obsessions, Juicy news and hot music picks. Love G&P will also allow Juicy fans to communicate with Pam & Gela directly and post their own comments!  “With the new JuicyCouture.com, the Juicy girl can jump even further into the wonderful world of Juicy, like Alice in Wonderland,” gush co-founders and co-creators Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor. “With these incredible new interactive features, she can log on and truly enter our Juicy wonderland. Not only can she hang in the Juicy world, but she can be a part of all the exciting elements and products created just for the Juicy girl.”