In a move that signals women want to move the dialogue surrounding the presidential election away from politics and toward substance, the non-profit organization WomenCount is launching a new campaign titled, “I’m a woman. I have issues.”  “It’s time for the candidates and the mainstream media to stop talking about the politics of the women’s vote and to start listening to the substance of the issues we care about,” said Stacy Mason, executive director of WomenCount.  Through a partnership with Tokoni (, a new social media community that enables people to share stories of life’s diverse experiences, WomenCount is encouraging women to voice their opinions about the political issues that matter most to them at a dedicated campaign site, To ensure women’s voices are heard, WomenCount will collect the individual stories and deliver the messages to the presidential campaigns, the media and party leaders. Women are able to post their stories, invite comments from community members, and engage in dialogue with others who share their concerns. Also, participants are able to link their stories on other social media and networking sites, furthering the reach of their individual points of view. “Tokoni and WomenCount share the common goal of ensuring everyone’s voices are heard, and this campaign puts that conviction into action,” said Mary Lou Song, co-founder of Tokoni. “At Tokoni, we believe shared storytelling allows people to explore issues and points of view with greater understanding and appreciation.”