Realizing that one size does not fit all, Jenny Craig is launching The Ideal Size Challenge, an opportunity for consumers to tell Jenny Craig what their Ideal Size is and what it means to them. Women are constantly wrestling with body image, and are often discouraged when their body doesn’t look exactly like what the media will have us believe is ideal. However, subtly and slowly, a new crop of beauties is proudly emerging, embracing their curves. In light of this change, Jenny Craig is collecting videos and essays with photos looking for compelling stories about how women (and men) achieved their ideal size, whether they are still on the journey, or taking the first step to their ideal size. Participants can go to Three grand prize winners will be selected for a chance to participate in a national TV commercial with Jenny Craig spokesperson, Valerie Bertinelli. They will also receive an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles to meet Valerie, $1,000 cash, and a free one-year program reimbursement.