Glam Media has announced the launch of GlamX Ad Exchange, a vertical ad exchange for display inventory placement and targeted brand advertising. GlamX Ad Exchange enables advertisers to target by audience, content and placement effectively connecting publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks in one innovative platform.  “By maximizing the exchange of open inventory between publishers and advertisers in a fast and efficient vertical ad exchange, GlamX delivers the efficiency our agencies and Glam Publisher Network partners have wanted online for a long time,” said Fernando Ruarte, CTO for Glam Media.  With this announcement, Glam now offers publishers, agencies and brand advertisers a full set of digital advertising services with the Glam Evolution Ad Services platform: Glam Digital Primetime for premium display and video ads; Glam Interactive Solutions for custom brand engagement campaigns; and now GlamX Ad Exchange for all other brand ads, below the fold and non-primetime remnant ads.