To understand the Internet’s role in consumers’ search for wellness information, Burst Media surveyed nearly 1,700 Web users 18 years and older in May 2008 about how they research wellness topics online. According to the survey, women are significantly more likely than men to use the Internet as a wellness resource – 71.7% versus 60.5%. This usage is fairly consistent among all female age segments, rising from 66.0% among women 18-24 years to 75% among women 55 years and older. Interestingly, women 65 years and older are also very active consumers of online wellness information. In fact, among this group 18.0% say they search daily for online wellness information.   So, where do they go for their info?  Commercial wellness/health websites, such as and are most popular—especially with women 55 years and older.  According to Chuck Moran, vice president of marketing for Burst Media, “The concept of wellness encompasses some fairly focused topics—nutrition, stress relief, etc.—and these focused topics are what drive consumers to the web.  This is what the Internet is about—focused content that can easily be found and consumed.”