Women looking to improve their health and happiness may want to review their portfolio before revving up the treadmill. A new study commissioned by financial security company Northwestern Mutual, in partnership with LLuminari, a national network of evidence-based health experts, indicates that women who actively take control of their finances are healthier and happier than those who don’t.  Women who are proactive in managing their finances are significantly more likely to report that they are in excellent to very good health, happy, hopeful, optimistic, confident, cheerful and upbeat. They also are less likely to say they’re worried, regretful, conflicted, disappointed and depressed.  “Being financially secure isn’t only about how much you earn and creating wealth. It’s about what you do with what you have. As the survey indicates, taking steps to control your finances can have great implications for your physical and emotional well-being,” said Meridee Maynard, senior vice president, Northwestern Mutual. “The first step both women and men can take is to work with a financial professional to identify your goals and build an appropriate personal balance sheet that addresses your risk, investment and spending needs.”  In conjunction with the study, Northwestern Mutual and LLuminari have launched a website – www.sevenfinancialhabits.com – where individuals can learn more about the steps they can take to improve their physical and fiscal health.