Working to build trust and loyalty of women buyers is the fuel powering the engine around new internal training programs and the creation of a women-friendly educational website, (click the Women’s Friendly link) launched this week at all of the Flemington Car & Truck Country family of dealerships in New Jersey.  “Women want to buy from someone they trust, and they want to be informed, empowered and in control of the process,” says Steve Kalafer, Chairman of Flemington Car & Truck Country. “And as consumers, women need connection,” says Steve. “My partner Byron Brisby and I want to be the dealership of choice where women are treated with respect and professionalism and leave feeling very positive about their experience here – whether they buy a car or not,” he added.  Several programs are in place to assure this cultural transition happens. First, a corporate-wide training program was instituted in May in which every customer-facing employee participated, learning specifically about how women behave as consumers and their decision-making styles. The training program included all sales and service personnel, and involved a self-assessment and comprehension test. “Women do more research when buying a car,” says Beth Delaney, Executive Manager of Flemington Nissan and Project Manager for Flemington Car & Truck Country. Delaney is an 18 year veteran of the automotive industry. “The creation of our website is really an online community in which women can do their research and get a better understanding of the culture of our dealership,” added Delaney. “The site offers informational articles and educational seminars for women and a place to provide feedback and interact with the community.”