In a unique collaboration between two of the nation’s leading media companies, Meredith Corporation and NBC Universal has announced key findings of a nationwide survey conducted among more than 3,000 women that covered a wide range of important topics to women, including marriage and family, health and fitness, safety, and financial matters.  The findings from the Meredith/NBC Universal “What do Women Want?”(TM) study examines why the economy and personal financial challenges are at the forefront of the upcoming Presidential election and how women are shaping the debate. Women and their families are experiencing tremendous financial woes — on issues ranging from housing to credit card debt to healthcare — and are very concerned about their long term financial security.  Some key financial findings include:

·      68% of women cite “financial strain” as a major threat to the American Family.

·      79% of women in dual income households say it is “essential for both spouses/partners to be employed in order to make ends meet.”

·      60% are concerned about being able to pay their bills each month.

·      72% are concerned about rising taxes—especially Boomer women.

·      77% are concerned about the future of social security and 75% are concerned about saving enough for retirement.