We have heard quite a few stories about how the marketing to women message often gets lost on its way to the retail sales floor, but Best Buy seems to have found a solution.  Based on years of researching how women shop, listening intently to their female customers and creating a concept store just for women (Studio D), “Best Buy has transformed itself by making customers central to everything in its business,” says Dori Molitor, Founder and CEO of WomanWise, LLC, a hybrid consultancy-agency specializing in marketing brands to women.  Molitor, whose latest article about this big box transformation can be found on her website, feels Best Buy’s greatest achievement is giving women what they want–not just with products, but in every detail from in-store design to customer service strategies.  “This is a company that’s not about talk, but about truly serving the women’s market.  And it all begins and ends with discovering what women want.”