WE tv has announced the results of a comprehensive viewer research study conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates that presents a new way of segmenting female audiences based on lifestyle trends, buying behaviors, brand attitudes and programming affinities.  The results reveal that 43% of WE tv viewers share common characteristics when it comes to viewing preferences and consumer behaviors. This segmented audience profile, which the network labels “I-Doers,” is made up of women who are all experiencing a major life stage, have a positive attitude towards wedding-related topics and have an interest in bridal-themed programming. “This research gives us a clearer picture of who our viewers are, both as television viewers and as consumers, to better define our audience for our advertising partners,” said Kim Martin, executive vice president and general manager, WE tv. “The results validate our successful bridal programming strategy and WE tv’s ability to attract an audience of strong, independent decision-makers. WE tv’s entertaining, informative and inspiring line-up of content—from bridal programming to true life stories that emotionally connect with viewers—super-serves our ‘I-Doer’ audience with programming they want to watch.”